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HP SIM ssh and managed node password changes

Rene Feitelson
Occasional Contributor

HP SIM ssh and managed node password changes

We have a Win2008 CMS running Insight Dynamics 5.3, VSE 4.1. Managed nodes are HP-UX 11iv3 VSOE, VSE 4.1. SIM logs onto managed nodes via non-root user (WBEM configuration procedures in Remote Support Pack A.05.20 CMS Prerequisites and Managed Systems Configuration Guide). The non-root user password was recently changed. Now we have ssh connectivity issues.

BTW, non-root ssh doesn't work for application discovery. It is scheduled to be fixed in HP SIM (Insight Dynamics) 5.4. If you don't need application discovery, turn off this service on in Windows.


1. What SIM services connect via trusted ssh and which connect via ssh with logon password? ssh via trusted keys works, but something is trying to log onto each managed node every 5 minutes with the wrong password. Even though we have trusted ssh keys in place, we also put the non-root user name and password into global credentials. The old password must be still in some location, but we don't know where to find it.

2. What is the correct procedure to update the managed node's user password in SIM?

Thank you,

Rene Feitelson