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HP SIM times out about once or twice a day

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HP SIM times out about once or twice a day



I use the HP SIM to monitor using the Status panel. The problem is that it times out about once or twice a day. It forces a log out. It is annoying to have to log in and put up the status panel over and over again.

We run HP SIM version 6.3 linux, monitored via firefox browser.

These are the configurations we've made so far that has not solved the problem:


Tried diffrent browsers, Chrome, Explorer, firefox.

Set the EnableSessionKeepAlive=true from false to true to enable monitor mode.

Set the default time out value from 20 to 10800 minutes.


We checked the log file for HP SIM and found this error when it timed out:

 @!@,2013-05-29 16:07:06 CEST,APPLICATION,FAILURE,DONE,CMS,HP Systems Insight Manager shutting down.[2001],ERROR,mxadm


Lost connection to database, exception: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: The connection attempt failed because Exce

ption: Too many open files

 We increased the value for the amount of files allowed to be open aswell, but it still times out.



Please advise!


Kind Regards,