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HP SIM v5.0 SP4 / Transaction logs truncated ?

Chris V.

HP SIM v5.0 SP4 / Transaction logs truncated ?


I'm using HP SIM v5.0 SP4 on Windows 2003, Database hosted on SQL Server 2005 (migrated few days ago).

Insight DB as well as VM DB were in Full recovery mode, maintenance plan(s) was/were taking care of the backup & T-Log management.

On daily base at 2:00 AM, the T-log backup task was ending on error on the DB Insight_v50... only due to "No current backup available". Tracking down the problem, I found a BACKUP LOG insight with NO_LOG on the insight DB.. which obviously killed the Tlog management process.

I could not track down the real iniator of the task (SQL log is not very verbose), but I can find a logon of the SIM service account just before the backup.

I changed the recovery model to simple to fix the issue, but I'm curious to know if the problem I got is something known.

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