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Re: HP SIM version 6.2 IML issues

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HP SIM version 6.2 IML issues

Just recently upgraded to HP System Insight Manager 6.2. In the previous version I had the same issue but thought the upgrade would resolve it. I can clear out the Integrated Management Logs after a drive has rebuilt etc.. The server/drives are OK but the Health Status still displays an icon portraying an issue. The only resolution is to re-add the server which is a pain. Anyone else have the issue where the HS is reporting a failed drive or other problems, yet everything on the server end is good?
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Re: HP SIM version 6.2 IML issues

The status change of the health status is some times tricky to understand. Here some hints:
If the IML you mentioned is on a managed system. You need to be sure it is really cleared. I think you checked this twice in ILO or management home page. This status is collected from the management server. Once an error is detected a trap or WBEM indication is send to the server. Now you should see an event for the device inside HP SIM.
If you clear now the IML the Event is still around inside SIM. You need to clear this event also and after some time the status Icons are updated. This was working well during the SNMP Agent time. With WBEM based agents it can happen that the status change needs more time. Not all information is passed with a WBEM indication to the server. You need to verify your polling time (5 Minutes is the default) In some cases you can force the update with a data collection.

I guess the problem is a uncleared event.
Or perhaps also a browser problem if you do not the nice new popus with the status details.

Hope this helps.
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Re: HP SIM version 6.2 IML issues

In response:

BPE: I've let these go for days and the status still doesn't update. I do nightly checks and even after a few days they don't clear. The health status will indicate a failed drive or other problem, but when you click on it and check the server everything is fine. So the health status doesn't display properly even after a few days from clearing out the logs and alerts. This was working fine up until a few months ago. Decided to upgrade to 6.2 and didn't help.
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Re: HP SIM version 6.2 IML issues

Bobby, any chance that you have both the SNMP agent AND the WBEM (WMI) providers on the target system? By any chance also do those systems have the SMH data source set to SNMP?

HP SIM is programmed when it finds both to prefer WBEM. However, if the SMH is set to SNMP an issue that HP SIM is reporting because it's talking WBEM may not be visible when SMH is displaying SNMP data.