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HP SIM5.2 and HPUX11.31 - monitor CPU, memory and FS usage

Frequent Advisor

HP SIM5.2 and HPUX11.31 - monitor CPU, memory and FS usage

Hello, all
i`m new in the hp sim. we have some hpux servers.
nowadays we need to monitor cpu, memory and file system usage.
what we have:
1. hp sim 5.2 on windows 2008, 64 bit
2. in the sim , we discovered our hpux servers and see hardware status
3. on the hpux servers found that packages - smh, SysFault, EMS, glance was installed from factory.

our target:
1. if /tmp directory will usage more than 70 % send event to the email
2. if CPU / memory usage will be more than 50 % send event to mail
3. send events of cluster packets status
4. monitor utilization of servers (if possible graphic like)

is it possible send events via snmp to hp sim and then event by email

Regular Advisor

Re: HP SIM5.2 and HPUX11.31 - monitor CPU, memory and FS usage

I thnkik you need to install this packages:
- hpsmhd (system management homepage)
- hp-health for hardware monitoring
- hp-smh-templates: "dashboard" in the homepage
- hp-snmp-agents

When this is done, you should configure snmp to send traps to your hpsim server. On our linux servers this could be done with a script:

This script will guide you through the snmp config.

Now, when you identify or re-discover your system in hpsim, you should see much more information.

In the smh, you can view the status of your file system space. I think it's possible to set the alarm thresholds for this somewhere.

For the server utilization monitoring, I think you need the performance management pack. You can find an overview of the plugins for hpsim here: http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/servers/management/hpsim/plugin-apps.html

Hope this helps you a bit.
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SIM5.2 and HPUX11.31 - monitor CPU, memory and FS usage

ok, after reading a lot of tones manuals :

1) The Filesystem usage alarms can be set using the EMS .
This can be configured through SMH. :
==> Resource Management
==> Event Monitoring Service
==> Actions
==> Add Monitoring Request
/system/filesystem/availMb/ set the parameters as required.

You can use the notify of sending to email/SNMP/syslog etc..as you needed.

2) EMS don’t have the feature of generate alarms for CPU and memory usage.
But the Memory utilization can be viewed from HP-SIM through SMH.
==> System Information
==> System Management Home Page
==> Select the System

3) Configure SNMP
a. Stop the SNMP daemon on the managed system: /sbin/init.d/SnmpMaster stop

b. Edit /etc/SnmpAgent.d/snmpd.conf by removing the comment symbol and adding the IP address of the Central Management Server, CMS:
1.get-community-name: public
2.trap-dest: (this is the CMS ip addr)

c. Stop the SNMP daemon on the managed system: /usr/sbin/snmpd
***If we use "SnmpMaster start", EMS is not able to reconnect well. So, start it only by /usr/sbin/snmpd !!!