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(HP SIMV7.3) "unknow host exception" while discovery and host NE's are not showing in "All Systems"


(HP SIMV7.3) "unknow host exception" while discovery and host NE's are not showing in "All Systems"

Post originally by ebzhang


We have issues when displaying several IP’s hostname under “all system” menu via HP-SIM web.

We have enable the debug log while discovery NEs and we can see below exceptions in the log:

08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-5] (Identification Via Discovery:38) Processing MxUnknownHostException  exception

08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:38) Unknown host:





Below is a grep output of the unknown host exception.

Line 16615: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:30) Unknown host:        

Line 16829: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:37) Unknown host:        

Line 17061: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:38) Unknown host:        

Line 17074: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:39) Unknown host:        

Line 17085: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:40) Unknown host:        

Line 17096: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:41) Unknown host:        

Line 17111: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:42) Unknown host:        

Line 17268: 08/22 16:21:39 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:43) Unknown host:        

Line 60123: 08/22 16:22:18 [DeviceIdentifyThread-8] (Identification Via Discovery:30) Unknown host:        

 We have confirmed that all the hostname of these IPs have been defined on the /etc/hosts file on HP-SIM.

here are the output of commands "mxgethostname" for some IPs: 

[root@wltpnj22-com-401-sim logs]# mxgethostname -n
Host name: wlfs1-host01
DNS Name: wlfs1-host01
[root@wltpnj22-com-401-sim logs]# mxgethostname -n
Host name: wlsg1-host01
DNS Name: wlsg1-host01
[root@wltpnj22-com-401-sim logs]# mxgethostname -n 2001:4888:a03:7101:c0:114:0:1d
Host name: s4sg1-host01
DNS Name: s4sg1-host01
[root@wltpnj22-com-401-sim logs]# mxgethostname -n
Host name: wlfs2-host01
DNS Name: wlfs2-host01

can any one give some guildence about what is required to check?