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HP SIMs "configure and repair" function through firewall

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Viktor Hutt
Occasional Visitor

HP SIMs "configure and repair" function through firewall

I am installing SIM 5.3 in an enterprise with lots of firewalls. I have opened all the needed ports mentioned in the "Understanding HP SIM 5.3 security" doc.
I can discover a system, but cant run the "Configure And Repair" succesfully, unless I open for port 135-139 for windows systems, wich I dont want to.

Wich ports (or mechanism) is used by the "configure and repaire" to push the first settings like WBEM provider, OpenSSH, VCA agent, SMH, trust cert and so on?

It seems that either I have to have the OpenSSH installed manually first, or I must open port 135-139 on the firewalls for the first setup.

Anyone has any good tips on this?

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SIMs "configure and repair" function through firewall

CRA uses Windows RPC calls, so port 135 would be correct. Please keep in mind that CRA is supposed to be used as a remedy, not as a primary practice. You should integrate properly configured agents into your build process.
Viktor Hutt
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP SIMs "configure and repair" function through firewall

Thanks, that was what i thought.

Funny documentation that tells about all the ports that must be opened for SIM to work, (but not mentioning port 135-139)and then brags about how easy you can use Configure and Repair to push out agents. All this without mention with a single word that you in fact can throw your firewall out the window.

:-) yeah