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HP Sim 5.0 alerts and reporting

Michel Bos
Occasional Advisor

HP Sim 5.0 alerts and reporting

I have SIM 5.0 installed, SNMP is working fine, tresholds set and alerts configured. When I shutdown a server or login SIM is receive a email that a server is unreachable or login to SIM was succesfull. An alert for all events on all systems is configured (and I recieve a lot of unreachable system alerts via mail).

A few servers exceed (for example) the logical disc treshold, but I don't get a email from SIM.

Is it possible to get a email when tresholds are exceeded (on discs / cpu / temperature )? I can run reports and get the information, but I don't want to run the report manual every day.

Thanks in advance.

Michel Bos
Chad Schlotter
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Sim 5.0 alerts and reporting

Did you get a response to this request?