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HP Sim 6.0 - Upgrade Issues

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HP Sim 6.0 - Upgrade Issues

I am currently in the process of attempting to upgrade from Compaq Insight Manager v5.5 to HPSIM 6.0

SIM is running on SLES 10 sp3

My entire environment is Novell Netware 6.5 SP8

On Compaq Insight Manager I have full functionality, can clear alerts, etc.

On HP SIM with the same credentials I am not getting the same functionality. Namely under System Management Pages -> HP Foundation Agent or System Management Homepage does not show up. Results from discovery are below.

********* Significant issues and overall target
discovery/identification status:
Normal: The system has valid hardware data (model, serial number,
and unique identifier) and has been identified properly for SIM
to manage.

********* Additional results (listed for information only):

* Starting identification process...
* Checking for known running web servers...
* Checking for System Management Homepage and other HP web
Normal: Received a response from the System Management
Homepage(SMH), it supports SMH.
* Checking for SNMP protocol support on system...
Normal: The system responded to an SNMP request; it supports SNMP
Protocol and has a valid read community string.
* Running SNMP System Type manager ...
Normal: No matching SNMP System Type Manager rule for sysObjID was
* Running SNMP base cluster identification using common
cluster MIB...
Normal: This system does not have the common cluster MIBs support.
* Running IPMI protocol identification...
Normal: IPMI protocol not detected so skipping IPMI Identification.
* Checking for WBEM protocol support on system...
Minor: This system does not have any SMI-S CIMOMs installed. No
storage systems will be found on this system.
Minor: The Central Management System (CMS) cannot communicate with
the CIMOM locally installed on the managed system using the WBEM
protocol, Identification will try to identify Windows systems using
the WMI Mapper as proxy; for Linux and HP-UX systems, check
credentials by going to Options->Security->Credentials->System
Credentials. For Linux systems also check if the HP WBEM provider is
Critical: There are no valid WBEM / WMI credentials for the system(s).
* Running WBEM rules based identification...
Minor: Identification cannot get computer system hardware data from
the WBEM / WMI providers.
* Running Virtual Machine (VM) Host (non HP Integrity VM Host)
Normal: The system is not a VM Host (non HP Integrity VM Host), or
WBEM credentials may not be specified so skipping VM
* Running WS-Man identification...
Minor: The system did not respond to WS-Management (WS-Man)
* Running HP ProLiant management agent identification...
Normal: Identification can get the system information from the
ProLiant SNMP Foundation agents for servers.
* Running HP NetServer identification...
Normal: System supports the NetServer SNMP agent, adding system
* Running HP-UX SNMP identification...
Normal: System does not have the HP-UX SNMP agents installed.
* Running SSH Protocol identification...
Minor: The system(s) do not have Secure Shell (SSH) installed or it
is not running on the managed system(s).
* Running SSH Identification...
Normal: SSH Protocol is not enabled so skipping SSH Identification.
* Running Storage identification...
* Did not detect the WBEM protocol support on this system. SMI
storage identification will be skipped.
* Storage identification completed.
* Running HP Serviceguard Identification...
Normal: The system is not part of HP Serviceguard cluster.
* Running SNMP subtypes identification...
* No additional subtype(s) found from SNMP.
* Running OA Identifier which will discover systems in an
enclosure if the automatic enclosure discovery option for OA is
Normal: The system is not an Onboard Administrator, skipping
automatic discovery of systems in the enclosure.
* Running iLO Identifier which will discover the server if the
automatic server discovery option for iLO is enabled...
Minor: The system responds to the HTTP request but cannot get the
XML output. It is normal for servers not to get the XML data.
* Running p-Class Identifier...
Normal: The system is not a p-Class so skipping p-Class
* Resolving DNS names...
Normal: The DNS name was successfully resolved for the system.
* Running Virtual Machine Management (VMM) Plug-in
Normal: Virtual Machine Management (VMM) Integration is not enabled
so skipping VMM VM Identification.
* Building system relationships...
Minor: System Management Homepage (SMH) is not installed or is not
responding on the system(s).
* Running system Manage Communication diagnosis...
* System identification finished on system.

Can anyone help me resolve this issue or point me in the correct direction?