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HP Sim 6.2 upgrade

Mitch Robbins
Occasional Contributor

HP Sim 6.2 upgrade

I upgraded from 6.1 to 6.2 and now notice under discovery options that I can no longer edit my host files, contents are blank. If I click to "add systems now" it will add the systems that were in the host files under 6.1 so the data is there. I just can't see it to edit it.
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Re: HP Sim 6.2 upgrade


Nearly the same issue here : after upgrading my 6.1 test and production servers to 6.2, I can no longer create host files. The content is blank, whatever the option I use to create them.

I there a solution other than upgrading to 6.3, assuming this version doesn't introduce new bugs and corrects this one ?

Thank you.

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Re: HP Sim 6.2 upgrade



It's a known bug of HP SIM 6.2.

Your hosts files are still here but you cannot see their contents in the interface. You still can use them in discovery tasks.

The files can be found here : <Install Path>\Systems Insight Manager\config\discovery\hosts

These are text files that can be edited.