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HP Sim and Wyse Thin Client w/ SNMP


HP Sim and Wyse Thin Client w/ SNMP

I have some Wyse thin clients that have snmp enabled.

SIM seems to be able to communicate with them via snmp, but the fields arent matching up.

For example....

When I look at the System Status page,

I get

Address x.x.x.x
Preferred System Name x.x.x.x
Network Name x.x.x.x

Product Description
System Type Unknown
Hardware Description Microsoft Windows CE Version 4.10 (Build 908)
Management Protocols SNMP:1.0

There's way more information to be had though. What I'm particularly interested in is the sysName value. Getting that into SIM would totally help us better inventory the thin clients.

Even if I run a report on everything I see that everything's empty except for what I listed above. But if I do a snmpwalk I can see all type of fields and data.

How can I get that data into SIM.

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Sim and Wyse Thin Client w/ SNMP

You can add the Wyse device as an additional device into HPSIM (Options -> ManageDevices) But you have to give it the details.
Beyond that you're not going to get much and the reason is that HPSIM is primarily a product for managing HP devices. It's focus is on the server/storage and to a degree network infrastructure.
It's not really the right tool for the job.
fred Passeron
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Sim and Wyse Thin Client w/ SNMP


unknown as you discovered it means that HP SIM can talk to the device but either the snmp configuration is not correct on the device side or HP SIM has no identification rule forthis device.

In this case, you can create a new identification rule for your device. Besides, one can also compile mibs to extend HW fault support of the SIM server.

see the HP SIM user guide to achieve this :

Mib compilation Page 117

System rule identification Page 146

Hope it helps

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