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HP System Management has blank page

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HP System Management has blank page

I have a few servers that have this error and I am stumped.

When I open the HP SMH page at https://servername:2381 it opens fine.

At the top under overall system status I have a failed icon, and the failed system indicated is Logs ->Integrated Management Log.

I click the Logs Tab, and that opens fine, So I click the Integrated Management Log (next to the failed icon) and then I wait .........
at the bottom it says Waiting for https://servername:2381/hmaserv/rc-iml.php...
after about 90 seconds it changes to done, but the page stays blank. I expect a log to show up that I can read/clear etc, but no such luck.

a little research showed that you can change the default time out in the \hp\hpsmh\conf\smhpd.xml by adding 3600 and them restarting the SNMP service. But I didn't seem to make any difference.

one thing that I noticed that all these servers have in common is the W2K and are at least a few years in service. Most but not all are dL360G3

VCA reports them up to date (PSP 7.60A plus all updated individual packages)

Help :)

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: HP System Management has blank page

If it's the Integrated Log that's giving the issue, try going into it via the GUI.

from the Start bar, go to Programs-> HP System Tools-> HP Proliant Integrated Management Viewer

Re: HP System Management has blank page

Worked! After I used the GUI to go in and clear the log, it fixed the issue. I can now open it up remotely properly.