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HP Systems Management Homepage insight integration with NNM 7.5


HP Systems Management Homepage insight integration with NNM 7.5

Hi I have Insight integration with NNM Advanced 7.5.

The HP Homepage forwards thresholds etc to NNM and flags the severity of the NNM insight icons accordingly. We have this on all our HP Proliant servers and so we can be made aware when CPU thresholds are reached and tempratures exceeded etc.

One frustrating thing with the HP hompage is you have to clear the logs manually (for example SAS disk failiures don't auto close) which can be done remotly from the insight icon on the NNM map. However on the Management server in which NNM is installed I can't clear the HP Hompage logs depsite the full SNMP read/write permissions. No problem on the servers. It's frustrating because I can get all the icon's green except for the Management Server which is constantly orange because I cant remove the logs. Also, I have status Propogation set on my map to 'Propogate most critical' which really distorts the true picture at a high level.

Anybody else have any experience of this. Happy to give points accordingly.