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HP VCA preconfiguration through HP VCRM issue

Valued Contributor

HP VCA preconfiguration through HP VCRM issue

Hi everyone,


since HP VCA 7.3.x I'm not able anymore to make a working preconfiguration of the VCA through VCRM.

Is someone able to preconfigure a HP VCA 7.3.x through VCRM to use correct credentials with silent installation?


Steps to reproduce:

1) Go to HP Version Control Repository Manager
2) Select “configure a component” and select the HP Version Control Agent (Version 7.3 or newer)
3) Configure the HP VCRM Servername and the login credentials
4) Use this configured HP VCA component (cpxxxxx.exe) and go to a system where there is NO Version Control Agent installed (it has to be a fresh installation without any VCA, since the registry keys of the configuration won't be deleted, if you uninstall the VCA!)
5) On this system make a fresh installation with this component by using the silent (/s) parameter

With this way the setup should configure the HP VCRM Servername and credentials you provided with step 3)
But after the setup the configuration is corrupt (it looks to me like the credentials are set encrypted into the username and servername fields, but the VCA cannot use them to connect to the VCRM)