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HP VCRM unable to pull updates from HP

Dan Gough
Occasional Advisor

HP VCRM unable to pull updates from HP

Afternoon All,

Appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Recently configured VCM on a number of servers, the first gave me no end of grief and eventually the only way to get the updates working was to allow direct internet access to that specific server via our Firewall rather than via the MS ISA2006 proxy.

Now I've come to the second server at another site on our WAN and guess what, I’m getting the same issues.

The admin account has Proxy access and when I open IE I can enter the same credentials using the Proxy and physically pull down the XML file the VCM is unable to access. The error is as follows:

Error: unable to connect.

Invalid HTTP status 502 trying to read file remote file
Error downloading remote file to local file C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\wh2FE6.tmp.

The server is a Proliant DL385 G2 running Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 & IE7, VCM is 2.2.

On another note, anyone know the actual reason the contract & warranty won't work on a SIM running under a Windows Virtual Server, I see people talking about the fact it won't, but no reason why? Perhaps I missed something in one of the many, many PDF's :)

Many thanks again.

Occasional Visitor

Re: HP VCRM unable to pull updates from HP

Do you have the Windows Firewall client installed on the HPSIM system?

As a side note, if I remember correctly, there are issues doing authenticated FTP through ISA. Maybe that's the problem?