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HP Version Control Agent vs disk-based HPSUM update


HP Version Control Agent vs disk-based HPSUM update

Post originally by KSA


Some time ago we've finished applying HP_SPP-2017.04 to all our servers

So in HPSIM servers are in HP_SPP-2017.04 compliant state now

To update components up to level of Reference Support Pack uploaded to repository we use HP Version Control Agent page on HPE System Management Homepage site

But now on some servers if I start HPSUM from disk I can see there are components requiring update: HPE Firmware Flash for Emulex Converged Network Adapters, for example

Which categories of components are not intended to be updated via HPE System Management Homepage ?

Should we use HPSUM for SAN-connected servers only? And VCA (which is our favorite as the update takes less effort) for the rest ?