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HP Version control manager and version control agent issues connecting

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HP Version control manager and version control agent issues connecting

Hello Guys... 

we recently rebuilded our HP Insight manager server to 7.30 and then updated to 7.3.1 after that

things seem to be working but we are having issues with  version control manager..


I am trying to use our HP insight manager to  configure ---> Configure or repair agent --> in here I would add my targer which is the server which I want to update with the newest Version control agent.


I get the following error


Re-identifying system to get updated information ...
Re-identification of system .................................... [SUCCESS]

WBEM protocol settings are not valid/enabled for this system in HP SIM. Check yo
ur HP SIM settings for identification via WBEM.
Subscribe to WBEM / WMI Indications ................................. [FAILED]  

Could not connect to the target system: nyctest.simnet
Access is denied.
HP Systems Insight Manager was unable to connect to the target.
If you supplied valid credentials for running the task, check whether your netwo
rk configuration is correct. Check whether you can connect to the admin share of
the Windows managed system. On a Windows CMS, you can do this from Windows Explo
rer using 'Tools->Map Network Drive'.

Configure SSH for host-based authentication ......................... [FAILED]
Configuration failed to complete due to the following exception:
    SSH Passwor
d authentication failed for user hpservice for target system: nyctest-mfs1.oag.l
awnet.Check password and try again. Also check target systems SSH configuration
file to see if the password authentication is enabled and whether the user is pe
rmitted to login remotely.

Configure Version Control Agent (START) ...
Could not contact the agents to initiate a secure session, the HP web agent(s) m
ay be stopped, uninstalled, or downgraded.
Configure Version Control Agent ..................................... [FAILED]
Either VCA agent is not installed in target node or Check the credentials you en
tered for the VCA to use to access the VCRM. For security reasons, the VCA canno
t connect to the VCRM using the default 'Administrator' user. For more informati
on, refer to the Version Control Agent documentation.



for some reason every thing used to work before this.. but after my  HP insight manager got hosed and we had to rebuild it.. things are not working right...


anyone know why ?  it seems like  no of my other servers can contact my version control manager.

when trying to do it via the  Version control agent to contact the manager I get the following error.


The specified repository, vm-nyc-msim1.simnet, is invalid or not reachable.


any clue ?


Occasional Advisor

Re: HP Version control manager and version control agent issues connecting

found some old threads that I have to  manually update my version control agents to version 7.30 after that my agents started communicating with my VCRM.


seems like HP dropped the ball on this... noting seems to work right out of the box with this HP SIM 7.3 update...


I need to go and manually update about 30 of my hp servers!!!..





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Re: HP Version control manager and version control agent issues connecting

Can you provide information on how you installed the VCA for 7.3; the file name and where you found it?