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Re: HP insight manager snmp traps

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HP insight manager snmp traps

Hello, I have the psp installed and running on my rhel5.5 hp server. I have generated multiple alerts and am seeing it on my management home page, however the events are not getting recorded on teh SIM server. Here is a copy of my snmpd.conf file.

Any ideas why teh events are not getting registered on the SIM server.

dlmod cmaX /usr/lib64/
rwcommunity palm1private
rocommunity public
rwcommunity palm1private
rocommunity public is the ip address of the localhost.
trapcommunity palm1private

Re: HP insight manager snmp traps

Do you have net-snmp RPM's installed, will not work without them? Also, you need sudo as well.

If not I would recommend you install the following:

I always use some basic tool like SNMPUTIL on my SIM server to test trap delievery. Since it's possible to recieve traps on your SIM server but not have them displayed via SIM.

Here is where your can get a copy:

It's free!

To listen for traps just do the following snmputil.exe trap

Now send a test trap from your server and you will see the trap values if recieved.

Good luck

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Re: HP insight manager snmp traps

Thank you, I really feel the issue is with my snmpd.conf file. Could someone please send me their working snmpd.file file so I can compare with mine and see what I'm missing?POints will be assigned to all in the end.
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Re: HP insight manager snmp traps