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HP system management accessed by a 3rd party apps

Jean-Francois Gélinas
Occasional Contributor

HP system management accessed by a 3rd party apps


I'd like to know if it's possible to make a 3rd party application to obtain information from HP system management?

Information such as event log, CPU usage and all the information the HP system management usualy provide through its interface.

If so, is there a resource where I can read about it? Documentation, tips, language to use (assuming I'm coding the application that require to communicate with HP server).

Thank you
Honored Contributor

Re: HP system management accessed by a 3rd party apps

If you're referring to the SNMP component of the HP System Management Home Page as associated with and separately installed on recent version of OpenVMS Alpha or OpenVMS I64, then the answer is yes.

Here's a brute-force example of using a common bash command to access the underpinnings:

Toss the snmpwalk at the box, and see if you find enough. Details of the MIB are in the HP SMH documentation.

If I've guessed wrong here, please consider a few more details around the platform and the version and particularly around the goals. You're asking this in the OpenVMS forum (but that's historically not always a certain indicator that the question actually involves OpenVMS) and there are a number of things around that HP refers to generically as "system management".

And welcome to the ITRC forums.
Jean-Francois Gélinas
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP system management accessed by a 3rd party apps

First of all, thank you for the fast answer.

I wasn't elaborating that much on the first post, I'll try to provide more information.

I posted this in the OpenVMS forum because this seems to be the only place where I could read programming issues while looking for answer.

Basically what I want to do is to built an application that will interogate the HP system management for various information. Our goal is to interogate many different server in a cycle and ask them if they have new error in their log, to see their CPU and RAM usage and pretty much obtain as much information as HP System management can provide.

We want this information without having a tech to log into every single server one after the other and look at the log manualy.

We want our application to analyse the log it receive and send an email, sms text and/or page a technician when something we consider "important" happen to one of those servers.

So my question was if it's actualy possible to obtain a datastructure such as XML and/or a csv from the HP system management tool with relevant information about what the system usualy monitor?

And more important, can this data structure be accessed by a 3rd party application, something written in PHP for instance?

Maybe OpenVMS actualy do all of this, but I'm still not sure if I understand what OpenVMS is, seem to be a programming language of some sort!?
Honored Contributor

Re: HP system management accessed by a 3rd party apps


HP do a free tool called HP SYSTEMS INSIGHT MANAGER that will do most all of the things you are asking including alerting by e-mail or sms on receipt of events.
it uses a number of protocols to get this information including snmp and wbem.
support for most all the hp os'es and systems is built in (windows,hp-ux,openvms and linux), mibs for other devices or systems can be compiled into it.
the central management server runs on windows , linux and hp-ux and has a web and command line interface.
it might be enough of what you are looking for to save you some coding ! have a look here :-



Jean-Francois Gélinas
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP system management accessed by a 3rd party apps

Hi again,

I've seen ton and ton of great solution that do exactly what I'm trying to achieve. However the issue here is we need to be coding it, either from scratch because this is an R&D project so we cannot buy a solution or download a free one.

So that's why I'm gathering information on what is available to us.

Honored Contributor

Re: HP system management accessed by a 3rd party apps

OpenVMS is entirely different from "OpenView".

OpenVMS is a computer operating system for VAX, Alpha and Integrity Itanium servers, and can boot and operate through hardware emulation on various other platforms including x86 platforms.

OpenView is a brand name for various network management packages and tools that are available from HP.

Most operating system platforms offer some form of network-level SNMP management interface. This includes OpenVMS, Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X and other systems. SNMP is mostly open and mostly known with various standard bits and with various vendor-specific extensions. I don't know off-hand if the WBEM interfaces and pieces are open.

In aggregate, this means you're not in the best forum for network management questions on HP-UX or Windows or other such platforms. You were probably aiming for one of the network-related forums for whichever operating system(s) are of interest to you. There doesn't seem to be a top-level OpenView forum, though I expect the Management Software forum (or a subforum of that) is the most on-target for generic OpenView stuff.