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HP system management homepage Error

Occasional Contributor

HP system management homepage Error

I getting the error in smh.log file.

WARNING LOG (severity=1)Fri Feb 13 16:05:46 2009
Secure Task Execution User:auto_generated was DENIED access to System Management Homepage to invoke target URL=/Proxy/STE

Can any one help me.

Thanks in Advance

Ralph Frampton
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP system management homepage Error

I noticed this error message on one of our servers today & upon investigating found that only one of our two HPSIM servers had it's certificate added to the SMH. The trusted HPSIM shows valid host information when Secure Task Execution User attempts to access the SMH.


I believe this error is occurring when the untrusted HPSIM is running a task (I suspect Daily Identification which our Montreal HPSIM likely still runs while our Toronto one doesn't).




Go to Settings  »  SMH  »  Security  »  Trusted Management Servers. Now import or get the applicable HPSIM certificate.