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Re: HP vcrm 7.1 and trusted certificate import

Occasional Advisor

HP vcrm 7.1 and trusted certificate import



As you certainly know, since version 7.x, the HP Version Control Agant can connect to the reposiroty manager using certificate.


The idea is good, but i found the explanation to achieve this hard to find.


Luckily, i finally found this thread on the forum. But I didn't want to add each and every certificate trough the web interface !


So, I found out that I can copy the certificate of the VCA into the cert dir on the VCRM. After copiyng a bunch of certificate, I just need to restart the HP Management HomePage on the VCRM to actually "activate" the new certificate.


More precisely :

If your VCA is named VCAServer, and your VCRM is named VCRMServer, both on windows systems, the copy line would be :


copy \\VCAServer\c$\hp\sslshare\cert.pem \\VCRMServer\c$\hp\hpsmh\certs\VCAServer.pem

(that need of course to launch the copy from an account with enough right.)


On linux, the source cert.pem file is under  /etc/opt/hp/sslshare/


Dont forget to restart the "HP System Management Homepage" after copying.


(And, for the record, if you only need to import a few certs, no need to do that ! Just display with any text editor the cert.pem file from your VCA, select the whole text, copy to clipboard, and on your VCRM, in the System Management homepage,

Settings --> System Management Homepage --> Security --> Trusted Management Servers in the box "Import Certificate Data", paste the content of your clipboard.


(If you have an HPSIM server, you can also do the import from the HPSIM page

Options --> Version Control Repository (your vcrm should be there, on the vrrm line, click on configure) a new popup appears, click on trusted certificate, and then, again, import certificate data)


Hope it can help !


Did someone allready import a big bunch of certificate ? I'm curious if there is a limit...





Occasional Advisor

Re: HP vcrm 7.1 and trusted certificate import

Great info Pascal, I was also able to get this working doing the following:

In the VCA server go to C:\hp\sslshare and copy the file called cert.pem. If you don't see this file simply go to Settings - Security - Local Certificate and click on generate (without alternate names)

Option 1:
In the VCRM server paste that file in the location c:\hp\hpsmh\certs and restart the SMH service.

Option 2:
Open the cert.pem and copy the contents then pasted them in the VCRM server's SMH under Trusted Management Servers -> Import Certificate Data

On both cases, in the VCRM under Trusted Management Servers you shoul see the certificate you pasted.