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HPE SIM traps location of managed systems

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HPE SIM traps location of managed systems

Hi All,

I have installed HPE SIM 7.6 in HPUX 11iV3 machine with all the prerequistes matching.

i have configured SNMPv3 between CMS server and Managed system using SNMP Research EMANATE Agent Version

In HPE SIM web gui i am able to see that SNMPv3 is configured messege in Discovery task.

But i am not sure how to check traps and in which location traps will be received in CMS server.

and i need to configure CMS server in such a way that if there is any hardware failure then immediately respective traps need to be sent to HPE SIM CMS server.


Please help in overcoming the mentioned issues. :)

Thanks in advance


Re: HPE SIM traps location of managed systems


You may refer to the HPE Systems Insight Manager 7.6 User Guide for more information.



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