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HPSIM 5.0 SP5 install to remote SQL server Failed

Jay Bowlen_1
Occasional Visitor

HPSIM 5.0 SP5 install to remote SQL server Failed

I am doing a fresh install of HPSIM 5.0 SP5 onto a W2K3 standard server SP1. The database is on a W2K3 standard server with SP1. It has SQL 2000 SP4 Standard with a named instance "hpsim_50".

During the install, I provide the account name and password, the domain, the host in a format of, the instance name, and tell it to do a remote install.

The install validates the database, copies all the files, creates the new Insight_v50_0_xxxxxxx, and start to initialize the database. At this point, it times out with "Access is denied". It tells me to look at initconfig.log in the config directory. This file does not exist.

When I look at the odbc connection, the instance name is not configured. The system DSNs fail. If I add the instance to the configuration, the DSNs work fine.

I have tried using the silent install to see if it would fix a possible gui problem. Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this issue?