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HPSIM 5.1 SP1 Upgrade to 5.3 SP1 failure

Gary Tonkins

HPSIM 5.1 SP1 Upgrade to 5.3 SP1 failure

Hi there

I wonder if anyone can help or point me in the right direction. I planned to upgrade our installation of HPSIM from 5.1 SP1 to 5.3 SP1 on a windows 2003 SP2 server. The database sits on a SQL 2005 SP2 backend server in it's own instance remote to the HPSIM software server. When I performed the upgrade I entereed the correct credentials for SQL authentication and the upgrade went through ok until we had restarted the HPSIM server and brought up HPSIM. We found that the database was empty and on further investigation it looks like a new databse was created in the SQL Master server rather than upgrading the seperate instance.
Any ideas why this would be and what I can do to make sure we upgrade the exisitng database and not create a new one?
We had to restore from backups and manually clean out anything created in the master SQL instance.

Thanks in advance
Gary Tonkins

Re: HPSIM 5.1 SP1 Upgrade to 5.3 SP1 failure

Ensured odbc pointed to instance of hpsim database and granted CMS service account sysadmin rights on database instance.