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HPSIM 5.1 & Remote support software


HPSIM 5.1 & Remote support software

Hello i am having problems with an installation of the Remote Suport Software in HPSIM 5.1

First my problem: i cant get the simulated errors to communicate with the ISEE. I cant configure the main HPSIM GUI window to have the "Remote Support Elligible" line in the left side tree.

Now some status of my systems:

- All the systems have windows 2003 enterprise 32bits (all Proliant);
- I can see all the systems in the "All Servers", they all have the PSP pack 7.1;
- The "Contract and Warranty" is okay with all of them;
- the "Entitlement" is OK, under the Options-> Remote Support...
- I try the Test Data Submital in Remote Support Configuration and Services and its OK;
- i configured the OSEM to HPSIM5.1;
- i have already set the systems properties for all the systems in my network;
- the SNMP traps are configured as described in the manual.

Finally, i can receive emails from HPSIM and even from OSEM, but never from the ISEE central.

Can anyone help me? i'm sure you can :D
Thanks in advance!
Frank Alden Smith
Trusted Contributor

Re: HPSIM 5.1 & Remote support software

Let's deal with you first problem first. The answers to the following questions may help.

1) When did you complete the installation? If after Jan 19, 2008, you are working with the A.05.05 RSP release.

Assuming you did install after that date then,

2) Can you browse to the HP data center? That is when you open a browser on the CMS and enter URL:

Do you see this version number: ?

If not you have a connectivity issue, for example a firewall, or proxy configuration issue.

3) When you go to the "Remote Support Configuration and Services" option and select the settings tab do you perchance see "Remote Support has not been registered" warning message in the settings form?

If you do you must, at minimum complete all the required fields indicated by an asterisk and select the [Submit Updates and Register] button at the bottom of the form.

4) If the remote support client is in fact registered (i.e., no warning message) is the checkbox, in the System Enablement section of the settings form checked.

If not select the check box and update the form, and then discover the managed systems from HP SIM.

5) Finally, the "Remote Support Eligible" collection has been replaced in the A.05.05 RSP version by the "Remote Support Systems List" which you can view by selecting the "Entitlement" tab under the "Remote Support Configuration and Services" option.

Is there a check icon for each managed server in the TE (Transport Enabled) column?

If not select "Enable All" from the "Select an Action" pull-down menu and select the [Run Action] button. After the action completes you must select the [Refresh] button to see the changes. Hopefully there will now be a check icon for every managed system in the TE column.

That should take care of most of the common issues. If it does not solve your problem please post again.

Take care,

All knowing is doing.

Re: HPSIM 5.1 & Remote support software

Hello Frank,

First thank you for your answer.

I tried your suggestions but it seems that didn´t resolve the problem...

Following your reply:

1) Yes, i completed the installation, it was OK in the end.

2) Yes, i can browse to the HP Datacenter and i get the version number: when i navigate to in the CMS.

3) When i go to Remote Support Configuration and Services, i get the information
"Customer Information (Enterprise wide settings)". I have the required fields with the corresponding info.

4) the checkbox "Enable systems for Remote Support Services upon discovery." is checked. I also tried to uncheck, remove the systems from HPSIM, check again this checkbox and discover again all the systems.

5) There is a green check icon in "Entitlement" for all the discovered systems. Already tried the "Enable all" as you suggested.

Do you have any more suggestions so i can make this work?

Thank you in advance!
Frank Alden Smith
Trusted Contributor

Re: HPSIM 5.1 & Remote support software


Now let's turn our attention to OSEM.

1) Open the OSEM viewer and select the "Managed Systems" link. At the top of the screen that appears you should see the "Managed By" drop down menu box. The menu selection must be set to "HPSIM 5.1+" If it isn't change the selection, and send new test events.

2) Next, select the "Notifications" link. On the screen that appears you should see all the test (cpqHo2GenericTrap) events their status should normally be "Delivered."

If the status is "No Contact" go to the "System Properties" page of each managed system and make sure the contact information is complete. If you made corrections submit another test event.

If the status is "Entitlement" go to the system properties page of each managed system and make sure the serial and product numbers are correctly entered. If you made corrections submit another test event.

If the status is "Stalled" this usually means a network issue prevented delivery, try selecting the "Retry Stalled" button at the bottom of the screen.

If you don't see any of these please let me know what status is displayed.

Finally, view events in HP SIM you should see a "Generic Trap" event followed by a Type 4 service event (a type 3 event may also be present); if not then check SNMP configuration of the managed systems.

I hope one of the above fixes your issue. Again if not send me more details.

Take care,
All knowing is doing.

Re: HPSIM 5.1 & Remote support software

Hello Frank!

Thanks again for your answer!

I already configured the OSEM app for "HPSIM 5.1+" and when i send SNMP test traps i get the "Delivered" status in OSEM. The traps are also captured in HPSIM, both type 3 and 4.

About my OSEM configuration:

- I have all the systems configured in Managed Systems (SN Match -> OK) and using HPSIM 5.1+;

- All systems appear in the Enabled Clients and all with the same Community name;

- Under Settings -> Internal, didn´t modify anything;

- Under Settings -> Local Email, what should be the SNMP server? i have this blank (default).

- Under Settings -> Remote Delivery -> Central RSP/ISEE/WCCPROXY server system name or IP address tyhis info is blank (default).

When i create a system failure (intentionally take out one of the mirrored disks, for example) i receive an email notification from the email address configured in System -> Local Email -> Email Sender Address and one from WFM, but i think this is not enough to open a call at HP central.

Can you help me please??

Thanks in advance

Re: HPSIM 5.1 & Remote support software

Bump!! :D
Frank Alden Smith
Trusted Contributor

Re: HPSIM 5.1 & Remote support software


Forgive me for not getting back to you sooner -- I have been very busy teaching.

In your last posting you say that you see both type 3 and type 4 service incidents. A type 4 service incident confirms that OSEM has passed the incident to the RSP Client (formerly the ISEE Client), which will send it to the HP Data center.

If you checked the e-mail notifications at the bottom of 'Customer Information (Enterprise wide settings)' form then you should receive e-mail notifications when the HP Data Center: receives the incident, opens a WFM case, and closes the incident. Test Incidents will not generate a notification because they are closed automatically before reaching WFM. I have attached a sample notification so you can see what you are missing.

If you would like me to check to see if your test incidents in fact made it to HP, I shall need your company name and the name of the server that generated the incident to help me locate them.

Take care,
All knowing is doing.