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HPSIM 5.2 - Liebert SNMP traps

Haz Galanos
Frequent Advisor

HPSIM 5.2 - Liebert SNMP traps

We have Liebert Air Conditioning units in our data centre.

I have successfully loaded all the mib and cfg files into SIM. When I go to SNMP settings I can see all the mib's.

However when there is an error or alert on a unit, nothing is displayed in HP SIM.

Does anyone have a similar setup that can help me? Thanks.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: HPSIM 5.2 - Liebert SNMP traps

* Have you discovered the CRACs and are they showing up in the 'All Systems' list?

* Do they show up as 'Unmanaged' which would mean that HP SIM couldn't communicate via SNMP with it? (could be firewalls or something as simple as community strings)

* Are the traps actually making it to HP SIM? (turn on 'Accept Unregistered Traps' in Options --> Events to see if traps are arriving that don't match up with the MIB)

* Did the MIBs you registered contain trap definitions?
Haz Galanos
Frequent Advisor

Re: HPSIM 5.2 - Liebert SNMP traps

Hi David thank you for your reply.

They do come up as managed, so SNMP/WBEM is communicating well. They pick up the contact and site details (which are configured in the units).

I checked the mibs through SNMP trap settings and some of them that are listed are actually blank. I assume this is the problem, as the trap is listed, but there is no definition for it.

I have also contacted Liebert to see what they say.

I have activated 'accept unregistered' traps as per your recommendation.

Thanks again for your advise.
Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: HPSIM 5.2 - Liebert SNMP traps


Any word from Liebert ?
Haz Galanos
Frequent Advisor

Re: HPSIM 5.2 - Liebert SNMP traps

Hi Guys,

I contacted Liebert technical support. They sent me a new zip file containing new mibs.

I de-regustered all the old mibs, compiled and registered the new ones.

Same problem.

I got back to Liebert asking them for more help, they simply ignore my requests. Goes to show if it's too hard, just ignore it and it will go away.

Thanks Liebert.