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HPSIM 5.2 doesn't install on Window 2000 SP4?

Ken Randell

HPSIM 5.2 doesn't install on Window 2000 SP4?

I have an existing HP SIM 5.1 SP1 installation on a Windows 2K SP4.

According to this page (reformatted as this ITRC contraption won't take it), this should work:

However, when I attempt to install HP SIM 5.2, I get a message stating:

Setup halted. The following issues need to be resolved:

1) HP Systems Insight Manage Installer requires Windows Server 2003 Standard SP1/WIndows Server 2003 Enterprise SP1/Windows XP Professional SP2/Windows Server 2008/Windows Vista or greater.

Why does HP SIM 5.2 require Windows 2K3, or did I miss something else?

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: HPSIM 5.2 doesn't install on Window 2000 SP4?

Since Microsoft no longer supports Windows 2000, it has been dropped from our support matrix. What that means is that if we found a problem during QA or during the product's lifecycle that traced back to a problem with the OS, we would have no recourse.

We generally support a current release and one back, so with WS08, that makes WS03 "one back."

I'll submit changes for the incorrect page you mention.