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Re: HPSIM 5.3 ASRs and VMware ESX

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HPSIM 5.3 ASRs and VMware ESX

Hi All,
We're running HPSIM 5.3 on a new server but not fully live as yet. We have 6 x HP DL385 G1 servers running VMware ESX 3.5 with the HP Management and VMM Agents.

Over the last few weeks we have had 4 x ASRs over three of these servers. Each time there are some errors in the vmware-cim-*.log around 20 minutes before the ASR.

The only job I can see running is a Daily Identification task in the HPSIM 5.3 implementation.
The error in the log fiels seems to implicate the CIMProvider, but that's from a very non-technical perspective. Still I'm intrigued by the timing and possible connection with the Identification Task.

Has anyone seen anything similar?
I've logged a call with VMware but thought I'd also test the forum to see if anything else has cropped up.
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Re: HPSIM 5.3 ASRs and VMware ESX

We have about 12 ESX 3.5 servers, they are all BL685s, so different model. Haven't had any ASR issues on any of the ESX hosts yet.

All connected to SIM 5.3

We do not however run VMM agents, so I'd bet your issue may be with that.
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Re: HPSIM 5.3 ASRs and VMware ESX

Thanks - we also have some Blade Servers, at this point I've not implemented the updated VMM to them and they've been stable. So you could be right it could be VMM or it could be something to do with the older DL385s.

A call has been logged so I'll see what comes back.
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Re: HPSIM 5.3 ASRs and VMware ESX

Just to update, I changed the schedule of the Daily Identification Task and the problem moved to the new time.
I've a call logged with VMware, I think this may need to be opened with HP.
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Re: HPSIM 5.3 ASRs and VMware ESX

Just another update. It seems there is an issue with the Pegasus CIMService.
VMware are looking into this. My guess is that the HP SIM Daily Identification task was triggering the issue. However we also had an ASR while this task was disabled. So it's not just HP SIM that can cause this.
The issue is there in both ESX 3.5 U3 and U4.