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HPSIM 6.0 virtual environment

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HPSIM 6.0 virtual environment


are there any known issues about HPSIM 6.0 running on VMWare? With 5.3 there was no issue but since I upgraded to 6.0 MxDTF keeps restarting every 15 seconds and it seems there is a mild memory leak too. I left the server on friday with 2 GB Memory usage and today its about 2.76 GB. The last time I restarted HPSIM the value was over 5 GB total.

I installed HPSIM 6.0 on a clean Windows 2003 SP2 virtual server with no discovered servers - same behavior. I installed it on hardware - no issue. Everything is fine.

I have read a lot about MxDTF restarting, there is no error in the known_hosts file.
The error is persistent even if I clean everything. It started right during the HPSIM installation.

HPSIM supports running on a virtual server at least since 5.3.

Thanks in advance,
Daniela Nobis
Rob Buxton
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Re: HPSIM 6.0 virtual environment

I'm not seeing that issue here, but I installed on W2K8 Sp1. I didn't go for the R2 version IIRC there was something that wasn't supported. That may have been part of the Remote Support Pack which has also been installed.
This is running under vSphere - not sure if that would make a difference.
I don't use Hosts files, I just use the Discovery ranges and let our DNS do all of the host name resolution.