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HPSIM 6.3 Configuring managed systems

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HPSIM 6.3 Configuring managed systems



I'm not able to complete configuration of managed systems (tested on 2 with same results) - installation of additional components from CMS interface (mainly OpenSSH) fails with message:


Starting OS Scout
Remote Target is Windows Host
OSScout returned failure 5 for InstallService
Target Update Failed
Starting OS Scout

Installed Components: None.


The same result happens if invoking installation through different places - Managed System Setup Wizard, simply Install Openssh or QuickRepair from Manage Communications.

I've looked through User guide and Install guide few times. Checked HPSUM guide. Turned off firewall on both sides (CMS and managed system). Tried different user accounts (all of them with domain admin rights). Googling provides only one reference ( but it is not very informative and does not provide solution.


Yesterday while firewall was not switched off error message had one more line:

Discovery Failed with message 121


After turning firewall off it disappeared.


On the managed system I found error message in System log:

The hpsumserverw32 service terminated unexpectedly.  It has done this 1 time(s).


So, any ideas where to look for solution?



Darius K.




Re: HPSIM 6.3 Configuring managed systems

found out for myself that the service account created for sim has to be local admin on the target system