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HPSIM 6.3 change default install path location

NOB Sysadmins
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HPSIM 6.3 change default install path location



I need a way to change the default installation path location of the HPSIM setup


I was starting to think its just me, but I am unable to find any reference to this in the installation documentation or here on the forum. 


If I try Typical Installation or Custom, no were in the steps do I get the opportunity to change the default install path of the components to another drive. In this case, the D drive. 


Surely there must be a simply way to do this?


I am trying to install on Windows 2003 x64 R2 SP2, with external SQL2005 SP4




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Re: HPSIM 6.3 change default install path location


Was SIM previously installed on this server ? In case of an upgrade, the installer doesn't propose an installation path.

If it's a new installation, the path for SIM is proposed when the SIM installation starts, not before (SSH, Wmi ..)

It's asked at the second window, the one just after the welcome screen.


Note : I'm running SIM 6.2, I guess it's the same for 6.3