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Re: HPSIM 7.2 - Configuring Events

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HPSIM 7.2 - Configuring Events

Can anyone point me in the right direction for these items:


  • Disk Threashold Events 
  • Configure Server Event Log
  • Cluster space Utilization Event
  • BlackBerry Dispatcher Event
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Re: HPSIM 7.2 - Configuring Events

Additional Information:


1) Using SNMP

2) Two repeated error messages when trying to set-up thresholds:


  • Could not set the disk threshold, the agent did not accept the request.
  • The device does not have an IP Address, the set disk threshold request was not sent to the device.
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Re: HPSIM 7.2 - Configuring Events

Here are the steps taken for configuring disk thresholds using SNMP:


Steps to Enable Threshold Settings

1) Log into SMH found on the server (agent)

2) Click Tasks

3) Select Server Configuration

4) Click Data Source Information

5) Select SNMP

6) Sign back into SMH found on the server (agent)

7) Click settings

8) Select SNMP & Agent Settings

9) Enable threshold text mode

10) Log out of SMH


Log into HPSIM

1) Select Configure

2) Select Set Disk Thresholds

3) Click the Search button

4) Enter in the server name (agent)

5) Click Apply

6) Select Next

7) Add the critical and warning disk usage threshold

8) Click Run Now

9) Receive a message that thresholds were submitted to the server successfully