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HPSIM 7.2. How to make server answer to 5989 (WBEM/WMI)

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HPSIM 7.2. How to make server answer to 5989 (WBEM/WMI)



SIM will not identify/discover server using WBEM. I get different messages, but I believe it boils down to server communication on port 5989.


I have a hard time trying to configure the client 2008 R2 servers answer to "telnet <host> 5989" from SIMserver..


Even servers on same VLAN/Subnet will not get identified by HPSIM.

I have managed to get one 2008 R2 server to be picked up by HPSIM, and that is a CommandView EVA-server. I'm not able to tell the difference of this server ant the other servers I try to identify/discover.  Thought mybe the presence of Pegasus WMI Mapper Service, but I responds to the telnet command even when that service is stopped..


I try the telnet-command locally using its own IP - but no luck.

(The SIMserver answers to the telnet command from other servers.)



I have installed spp 2013020(B) + "HP Insight ManagementWBEM Providers for Windows Server x64 Editions" (cp017534.exe) in addition to all components selected automatically.



Could anybody tell me what service/program actually answers to 5989, and which component to install?







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Re: HPSIM 7.2. How to make server answer to 5989 (WBEM/WMI)

You are right EVA server and WMI Mapper are using same port.


Check this thread (especially last post)



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Re: HPSIM 7.2. How to make server answer to 5989 (WBEM/WMI)



first of all, WMI is not the same as WBEM (but it is alike). SIM supports WBEM, Windows supports WMI, so you need a 'translator'.

you will need to install (or verify) the (Pegasus) WMI mapper (included in SIM installation media).
 it should be configured on a host which is accesible on 5989 by SIM (might be SIM server itself) and has WMI access to the monitored hosts (usually this port range is not opened in firewalls due to security).

You can install multiple "WMI mapper Proxies". You should configure each one of those in HP SIM: Options-ProtocolSettings-WMI mapper proxy.

You can configure as much proxies as you like, but keep in mind each proxy might lenghten the time needed for discovery.