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HPSIM 7.4 sql express 2012 sp1 - number of managed system


HPSIM 7.4 sql express 2012 sp1 - number of managed system

Hello Forum , 

My HPSIM 7.4 is getting extremely slow , i wanted to check if it's cause of there are too many managed systems on it , 

Please help me to figure our this table (file attached) 

I have markered all the not understood lines 

1) It says that HPSIM can contain 5000 system , but then it mention that it can have 2500 on a single CMS ,

I have a single CMS with hpsim on it , so How many can I manage? 5000? or 2500? 

2) What are the proliand managed servers? they mean physical servers ? 

3) What are the Integrity managed nodes? 


Thank you so much in advance , Hope to hear some answers from you guys  : ) 


Honored Contributor

Re: HPSIM 7.4 sql express 2012 sp1 - number of managed system

Hello again,

There are a couple of things you can have a look at. First thing i look for is how many events do you have ?

Default sheduled jobs for status scans are set to run at 5 or 10 minutes. I've set these to 30 or 60 minutes.

How is your disk IO one the SIM  server ? Running a set of 2000 server objects can cause quite a lot of IO certainly if they cause a lot of events and jobs for indentification run almost all of the time. Also look at your virusscanner. Perhaps you can excude the SIM folers. Hope these hints help if you need more help reply.


Oh before i forget Proliant managed servers are server with agents to be able to monitor them. A server that has no agents like perhaps a virtual server that was discovered by ESX  discovery does not give a large load.

Do you still use the VCRM ? That can also give a lod in terms of memory.

Kind regards,