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Re: HPSIM Collection fails

Técnicos ISEE
Occasional Contributor

HPSIM Collection fails

Hi all,

When trying to obtain a collection for a single ProLiant device that has been successfully discovered and indentified in HPSIM 6.2, the process ends with the following error message:

"There is no system or event found for this specific collection. Select a different system collection and/or attribute-driven event collection for this report."

The single attribute that is selected is "System name", quite straightforward to obtain, but the collection is never produced.

Any idea or troubleshooting hints to solve this issue is mostly welcome.

Thanks, best regards,
Honored Contributor

Re: HPSIM Collection fails

We had the same thing. You need to have an event in the servers' event column (like "Discovered System") before you will get a collectionn. I had deleted all of these and as events occur, I leave one cleared event for each server.

Re: HPSIM Collection fails

I have this problem.
You need to have any event (for instance test trap and data collection will work