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HPSIM Logical Disk Drives Report

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HPSIM Logical Disk Drives Report

I ran this report selecting system name, description, Total Size (MB) Used (MB) and Percentage used. It reported on one disk drive that the total size was 2097149MB and used was 2089130MB with a percentage used of 3%. I do not believe this is correct. I attached a screen shot of the actual disk usage. Just would like to know if I am reading this incorrectly or if there is a bug in the reporting.
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Re: HPSIM Logical Disk Drives Report

May be you have recently copied data in that disk and this server is present in SIM for long time.It depends on SNMP agent by time of discovery of the system. just delete that system and rediscover it and see if the result are same?

i also see these type of information sometime and as query shows that they are directly taking data from database so chances are there that data may be old.
hope you got my point?