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HPSIM Signing CSR with SAN

Ben Short
Frequent Advisor

HPSIM Signing CSR with SAN

Hi All,


I am wanting to sign my HPSIM certificate against our internal CA. The problem I have is that whenever I create the CSR request in HPSIM, it omits the Subject Alternate Name (SAN) information that I had filled out earlier as part of the certificate.


Setting the SAN is somewhat important for me as I am using Windows Server and I currently use a DNS CNAME of to point to the machine name ( SITEPR-SERVERTYPE), and would prefer not to have to rename to server to 'HPSIM' just to get a certificate that will match the hostname. I imagine any hostname/dns mismatches will also cause HPSIM to do interesting things.


Does anyone have experience with signing the HPSIM certificate with a CA with the ability to use certificates SANs?