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HPSIM Software (SW Column) for ESXi Hosts

Ben Short
Frequent Advisor

HPSIM Software (SW Column) for ESXi Hosts



In our HP SIM environment, I am seeing some inconsistant identification of ESXi.


The desired result is for HPSIM not to do software polling on these systems (being ESXi Hypervisor, firmware gets done outside of SIM), and therefore the SW Column should not have any icons it it for these particular hosts.


This is my current view. Note the SW Column is blank for some servers and not for others. With the exception of the last entry, all servers are the same model running the same ESXi Build which is the HP Integrated build.hpsim.JPG


Ideally I'd prefer not to see anything is the SW Column.


Is there a particular system type or subtype, or system property I need to set to make HP SIM perform the preferred behaviour?



Paul Kurtz

Re: HPSIM Software (SW Column) for ESXi Hosts

The task that checks software status is setup to check the collection "All Servers".  This scheduled tasks is Software Version Status Polling (HP SIM 7.1) and it runs every 7 days and if the software status is unknow it should display a blue question mark "Unknown".  I am wondering if you force a software check on the ones with the "information" symbol they will go back to "Unknown"?


You can put a check mark next to the server and then Options-> Status Polling - > Software Status Polling to run  the check.


Changing the system subtypes might effect the server from showing up in collections.

I am a HPE Employee
Ben Short
Frequent Advisor

Re: HPSIM Software (SW Column) for ESXi Hosts

Thanks for the reply Paul.
Have tried forcing the software status polling, and modifying the server subtype, but with no luck.

I actually want to have no icon there at all, like the first entry - i.e. no unknown icon, no infortmation icon, nothing. :)