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HPSIM Stops actioning events

Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

HPSIM Stops actioning events

Hi Folks,
I'm not too sure when this behaviour started (post SP4 perhaps) but twice now I've had to restart the HPSIM Service because it has stopped actioning events.
For critical events I run a custom command that formats the message before sending it on. In addition for Major and Critical events I directly e-mail a number of recipients. Both failed to run. The Critical and Major events that should have triggered these actions are visible in HPSIM.
Restarting the HPSIM Service fixes everything. Anyone else seen this behaviour?
HPSIM 5.0 SP4 on W2K3 SP1 Server.
Jim Hanson

Re: HPSIM Stops actioning events

I had the same problem last year, admittedly on 4.2; system stopped sending e-mail even though event was raised in console. Restarting the HPSIM service would fix the problem for about 2 hours. I eventually got a rewritten mx.jar file from engineering. Have HP reference case #3211064638.