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HPSIM & Novell Netware Servers


HPSIM & Novell Netware Servers


I have some Netware servers in my envoronment.
They are all running on HP DL 380 G4 with HP Agents installed.

I get status from the servers in HP SIM, but when i press on HW status link I get to a page where I need to login.

Is it possible to provide these credentials in HPSIM, so I log straight in when pressing the HW status ??

What credentials are we here talking about ?
Is it Netware admin account ?
Do I have to provide it with the context and everything ??

Please help me......

I got major netware server status, but can't find out what is causing the major status.
James Kennedy_4
Trusted Contributor

Re: HPSIM & Novell Netware Servers

Unfortunately HP hasn't developed much for those of us still using Netware. There is a default login for and password for HP webagents. I beleive it's Login "Administrator" and Password "administrator. Something along those lines, there is a doc that has the default login. After you login, you can then change the password.

The easier way is to run the old CIM 5.5 somewhere, and manage your Netware servers that way. You'll find it works well, easy to use, and makes it 10 times easier to clear events and discover hardware issues. It works great for windows servers as well. We run SIM and CIM side by side, just for that reason. SIM for reporting, and CIM for diagnosing/hardware issues/error clearing.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: HPSIM & Novell Netware Servers

Caution, caution, caution! If you have any ProLiant systems less than 4 years old, CIM 5.5 canNOT manage them effectively. You will not be able to get disk alerts and any feature (Adbvanced Memory Protection) or platform (blades) introduced since then will not be handled by CIM 5.5.

Re: HPSIM & Novell Netware Servers

I have only new servers, I all I want is for HP SIM to log me directly in when pressing the HW status icon.

Can't this be done ??
Lars Nilsson_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: HPSIM & Novell Netware Servers

Because there is no thing like thrust relationships between HPSIM and NetWare servers you can never log straight into the Management Agent Homepage on a NW-server with administrator privileges :-(

However - you can get right in from HPSIM if you allow anonymous users access to unsecured pages on the NetWare Web Agent.

You can of course not clear events, change configuration etc. as an anonymous user, but most times you just want to take a quick look at things.

To change this setting you have to log in as adminstrator and on the Device Home > Options > Check the Anonymous Access box.

The default password for the administrator account is administrator.

NOTE: name and password are case sensitive!

There are also two other default accounts for the NetWare Web Agent.


Re: HPSIM & Novell Netware Servers

Thanks to Lars, I got some answers on this.

It wasn't the answer I was hoping for, but it answered my question.

Thanks Lars