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HPSIM and ESXi credentials

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HPSIM and ESXi credentials



I'm trying to find out what level of access SIM needs to monitor an ESXi server (using the HP build of ESXi on HP hardware). I've done a bit of searching and havent been able to find an answer (both online and in the SIM documentation). So far I have setup a SIM 7.0 instance and have successfully added a bunch of Windows servers.


Now I'm trying to add a few ESXi servers to SIM but I can't get it to work (i.e. discover and manage) unless I provide/use the ESXi root account (or an account with root level permissions). Surely there has to be a way to monitor ESXi servers without using the root account/permissions.



Thanks in advance

Paul Kurtz
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Re: HPSIM and ESXi credentials

You are correct. The root account is needed.