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HPSIM "software/firmware baseline" enhanced report shows status unknown

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HPSIM "software/firmware baseline" enhanced report shows status unknown



I have troubles with the enhanced reports in HPSIM. I am trying to make a report of all servers in a custom collection of their Software Baseline Status. 

If I try to make a custom report, there is no option to make an overall status report. Only the installed software version, baseline version and lates version. Which is OK, but I want to have ServerName,Baseline,Status . I want to have a summarized status.

This exact is find in the Enhanced report "software/firmware baseline" which runs on ALL Systems (I cannot modify it to run only on custom collection) and also the Staus column shows unknown for all servers !!!

Can someone advise what should I do, so that I acheave my goal ? 

Or unless what to do so the Enhanced report "software/firmware baseline" shows something different than Uknown.


Thanks, in advance.