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Re: HPSIM with esx 3.5 and dl385

New Member

HPSIM with esx 3.5 and dl385

i need raid status of my esx host so i install HPSIM, HPAGENT for esx and se email setting and snmp trapsink setting to hpsim workstation.
ALL OK , i see correct status of my 3 dv 385 g1 and g2, i receive alla email forl all system but i do not receive the raid status when for example i hot swap a disk from raid 1 or raid 5, NO email.
i see in the IML log from health status the message but i do not see it in the HPSIM log and so in my email.if i send TRAP tes is all ok i receive email.
Any suggestion???

Re: HPSIM with esx 3.5 and dl385


Are you able to see hard disk failure in HP System Management Home Page (https://esx-server:2381) ? Also have you tested SNMP trap settings?

If answer to both are yes, then you must have recieved an event under device\event tab.

And, if event is visible in Event tab (device home page) then the automatic event management task has not worked properly. Test the SMTP (email settings) as well.

Sorry, too many IFs :)