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Valued Contributor



I have HPSIM 5.2 SP2.
I have ESXi3.5 Update4 and ESXi4.0 that I download from HP site: https://h20392.www2.hp.com/portal/swdepot/displayProductInfo.do?productNumber=HPVM06

But I can't integrate none of this hosts with my HPSIM, the server stay in the "unmanaged" state.

I try the WBEM authentication but I get the error:

Running WBEM rules based identification.
Cannot get ComputerSystem WBEM/WMI data from the system
Running VM Identification
The system is not a VMware ESX Host, or WBEM credentials may not be specified, s
kipping VM Identification
Running WS-Man identification.
The system did not respond to WS-Management, verify credentials.

What I need to do, to accomplish this.

Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor


What did you do to try to make it work.

Did you install in the linux of the WMware to see it....?

i use SNMP for this here.

Valued Contributor


Hi Daniel,

I try ESXi update 1 with snmp enable, ESX version from HP etc.. nothing work.

The last try was the version from ESXi 4.0 with HP providers from VMware and it worked ( using webem in HPSIM 5.2 SP2 )in a BL 460 c G1.

Althought I install the same version of the ESXi downloaded from vmware in a DL 380 G4 and the HPSIM don't recognize the host stays "unmanaged".

I thing the only question here is the hardware version where de ESXi is installed ( DL 380 G 4 is not supported from vmware to run ESXi 4.0 )

I'am I right or I'am missing anything ?.

Thanks for the reply.