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HPSMH - Hanging at logon


HPSMH - Hanging at logon


I'm experiencing a problem with the HPSMH tool on several servers. All servers so far are SLES 10 SP1.

I'm using the following packages:


I've restarted the hpsmh and hpasm services, with no change in the result.

When I logon to the SMH, either directly or from SIM, I get hung up at the "Loading data, please wait..." message.

It eventually passes it, only with an error message:

"A timeout occurred while loading dtaa for the HP System management Homepage which may result in missing or incomplete information."

Checking the log (/opt/hp/hpsmh/logs/smh.log) this is all I find that seems out of place:

ERROR LOG (severity=2) Tue Mar 17 07:48:08 2009
UI Timeout (limit: 20s) -- Nav Load Time: 145s [breakdown: hmastor(HP Storage Agent): 144s || webagent(HP Foundation Agent): 0s || vcagent(HP Version Control Agent): 1s || hmaserv(HP Server Agent): 0s || elm(backwards compatibility): 0s]

Nedjema Ait Mehdi
Frequent Visitor

Re: HPSMH - Hanging at logon

I have experienced the same thing. The following link helped me to resolve my issue :

you need just to define in /opt/hpsmh/conf.common/smhpd.xml.