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HPSMHD issue (hpsmh-2.1.7-168)

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HPSMHD issue (hpsmh-2.1.7-168)


We have a oracle rac cluster with 2 nodes; one of the nodes have hpsmhd package installed; this node was rebooted few days back and when it came back up there were issues with db/cluster services. Then we removed this package and rebooted both the nodes and everything was fine. Can hpsmhd cause an issue with database or cluster.


Please see response from Oracle:

HPSIM is a os package and changes in the kernel can cause issues. For example, a kernel level change can force oracle to use threads in a different way -- with a significant performance impact. Since this can change how a process behaves -- would recommend opening a ticket with your OS vendor.

Your OS vendor should be able to do a better impact analysis of this utility since it is packaged by your OS vendor.


Response from Redhat:

The "hpsmh" package is HP's System Management Homepage software, mostly deployed on HP ProLiant servers.

Red Hat does not ship this package. My guess will be that this service should not interfere with your database service. But HP will be in a better position to answer you question.

Please contact HP on this issue.


Can you advice if HPSMHD is causing this issue

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Re: HPSMHD issue (hpsmh-2.1.7-168)

We use hp-ux for oracle rac and it always worked together with hpsmh. Because the problem happened after the reboot I guess a port conflict. 2381/2301 is used for the SMH and some additional ports which are described in the firewall white paper. Use lsof at the working rac installation to find out if you have configured something on a port which normally is used by the insight agent 5988/5989 or smh 2381/2301.