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Hard Binding of Ports

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Hard Binding of Ports



I am aware that ports 2301, and 2381 are used for HPSIM 7.2 to have HP SMH connect to agents and to manage VCRM, respectively.


My question is :


Can we actually bind/configure these ports to be used by only selected NIC so that the flow actually go through only selected NIC? If yes, then is that a job what firewall people do?




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Re: Hard Binding of Ports

Hi, you can bind the SMH to a single NIC alright. You'll find these settings in the security section of the SMH. Unfortunately, to my knowledge you cannot force SIM to bind to a single IP address and it will bind to all available. This cause me huge headaches with insight control installed don a box with multiple nics. The idea we had was to force SIM traffic out one nic, deployment traffic out another etc. We found that if multiple IPs were available when SIM came up, it would bind to them all. The servers were only configured to send traps to a single IP address so if sim communicated out over another, it messed up identification etc.



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