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Hardware Alerts via HP SIM

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Jesse Zellmer
Frequent Advisor

Hardware Alerts via HP SIM


I am relatively new to HP SIM (about 3 months of usage). What is the best way to be able to get hardware alerts sent via email in HP SIM. Right now I only have SNMP down alerts being emailed to me. We have mainly HP ProLiant systems. I would like to get alerts on hard drive failure, memory failure, hard drive predictive failures, etc..

Any help would be wonderful - thanks!
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: Hardware Alerts via HP SIM

If you have the HP Agents installed on the HP Servers (defaults if built with Smart Start) then you're halfway there.
SNMP on the servers needs to have its Trap destination configured to point to the HPSIM Server.
When the agents detect an issue, they generate an SNMP Trap that's sent to the HPSIM Server.

You're event handling then does what it needs to, the simplest is to just create an event handling task that will e-mail you for any Critical or Major alert.

To test, from Control Panel on a server, select the HP Management Agents icon and then use the Trap Send button. This should create a Major Event in HPSIM. Your event handling should then do the rest.
Jesse Zellmer
Frequent Advisor

Re: Hardware Alerts via HP SIM

We used the SmartStart CD on all our servers, so I just went and added a trap in the SNMP settings and the test worked!

Worked great, thanks for your help!