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Hardware status of nodes on CMS


Hardware status of nodes on CMS


Does anyone know, if I physically remove a hot-plug redundant fan on a server (as a test), wether the H/W status of that server should change or not?
I have tried this, but the H/W status remains GREEN, even though there are entries written to the IML of that server.
I have physically pulled the power cord out, which changes the status light of the fan on the front of the server to ORANGE, and this triggers a change in the H/W status of the server on the CMS, but not when I just pull the fan out.
Is this by design, or am I missing something?

Also, if a cluster resource fails, and the nodes SMH's are reporting that failure, should I also see a change of status on the CMS? and if so, would this be a H/W status change or a S/W status change?

Any help much appreciated


Aravindh Rajaram
Honored Contributor

Re: Hardware status of nodes on CMS

After removing the fan, how long are you waiting to see the status update in SIM? SIM runs Hardware status polling every 5 minutes on servers and every 10 minutes for non servers. The HP management (server) agents running on the server has to pick up the failures on your server has to intimate it to SIM when it does the H/W status polling.

Also, make sure that you have enabled the right protocols in SIM and you haven't modified the default schedule of the H/W status polling task.

Re: Hardware status of nodes on CMS


Thanks for the reply. I have not altered the default polling times on the CMS. All protocols are present, working and correct. I waited 20 minutes this morning to see if it changed, but it didn't.
Any other ideas?