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Health Status Suddenly Green For All Servers

Jeff Peil
Frequent Advisor

Health Status Suddenly Green For All Servers

We have nearly 300 servers in SIM 5.1. We normally have 5 major and about 10 minor servers give or take for various reasons.

This morning, everything is green in Health Status. I looked up a few of the servers that normally are major or minor and they are still major or minor at their System Management Homepage.

I re-ran a HW Status Poll on all 300 servers, it completes very fast without changes. I tried the Global Protocol setting at ICMP or TCP, no change.

I removed a server that is minor from SIM, added it back in, and now SIM reports it correctly.

What would be another way to get SIM to re-poll the health status of the servers without removing all of them and adding them back in?
Two other pieces of information:
1. Software status was missing for about 50-75 servers this morning as well. But I reran the SW Status Polling and those filled in ok.
2. The HP Remote Support Software Manager had an Insight Manager Patch that was recently installed.

Jeff Peil
Frequent Advisor

Re: Health Status Suddenly Green For All Servers

Ran an Identify Systems task on all 300 servers and that worked.